I help aspiring artists ditch the guesswork and grow with joy

Hi, I'm Nancy Medina, and if you're interested in painting in a rigid, photorealistic style, then I'm not the right teacher for you. Instead, if you're longing to have fun painting natural scenes with bold color and loose brushstrokes, then you've come to the right place! Painting eye-catching, impressionistic scenes in oils and acrylics is my style, and teaching it to aspiring artists like you is my passion! I studied art history and illustration at the University of London, King's College and oil painting and color theory at Texas A&M University before working in the design and publishing industry for over 25 years. Since quitting corporate life to pursue art full time, I've partnered with Disney, taught workshops in Italy and France—but my proudest accomplishment is cultivating a collection of tools and techniques to make painting at every level more accessible and fun. I hope you'll join me!
Nancy painting landscape
I finally started expressing myself the way I wanted by doing this one thing

You may feel like you need to know everything to paint. I used to think so, too. I spent years studying complex color theory and desperately trying to solve every knowledge gap with frustrating guesswork, even if it wasn't even necessary to my painting of the moment. This resulted in countless throwaway canvases, and a fear of failure so intense that it almost zapped the joy out of my practice completely. Each time I entered my studio, I began to feel like I was clocking into work and stepping onto a treadmill. I knew that if this continued, I was going to stop painting. But then I discovered tools and techniques that took all the suffering out of the equation. I knew at that instant, I wanted to share these new, easier pathways with beginner and amateur artists—so they could bypass painting burnout and get straight to painting bliss.

Does your fear of failure stop you from painting?

You don't know everything about art, and you probably never will. Instead of feeling discouraged by this, imagine feeling energized by your open mind. Envision a world where you are empowered to make bold choices with support and guidance from a caring mentor, a world where exploring your creativity more deeply helps your build self-esteem—not tear it down. My courses are your pathway to this world! Stop second-guessing yourself and join me in this colorful journey. Each lesson provides clear demonstration and verbal instruction for every step, so you're able to build your technical knowledge while creating gorgeous canvases in the process. You'll never have to guess which color to use to get that glowy look, or which subtle brush motion creates a sweeping effect.

Red flowers in vase canvas
Purple flowers painted on canvas
Hundreds of floral and landscape lessons. 1 simple platform. 0 pressure.

Each painting course I teach is designed to save you time and money at every juncture of your artist's journey while giving you the confidence and tools to paint in an impressionistic style. I know that "online learning" can be intimidating, that's why we built our student platform from scratch to give you the most supportive and straightforward experience possible, the hardest thing you'll have to do is remember your password! Every lesson is reinforced with incredible resources like my Secret Sauce Medium for blending acrylics like oils, handy color conversion charts, detailed supply lists, and more. Plus you'll have access to our private student Facebook group and awesome customer support team. When you learn to paint with me, you'll never be lost. Click the button below to learn more about our courses and enroll today!

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