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Anyone can paint with confidence

Leigh H."Joy and bliss happens when I spend time online with Nancy. Two classes under my belt and finding a new appreciation for flowers and color in general."
Patricia W."You bring flowers to an almost human fantastical persona, your fantasy successfully beckoned all of us. Thank you so much for sharing your vision, talent, and joy!"
Kathleen P."My first class elicited real joy and touched my soul. The colors, the scene, your wonderful talent and ability to teach in the manner you did, all of this made the experience perfect."
Mitzi W."I have no words to express how I feel painting with you. I have had tremendous insecurities when it comes to my art and YOU helped wash those away."
Lynleigh M."What a joy to paint with Nancy. Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed I could paint something like this. Amazing teacher! Thank you."
Lou D."Nancy opened up a painting ability that I had given up on. She is truly one of a kind, that is so needed in this world of art by people that have that deep desire to create!"

No matter your experience level

Kathy C."I have learned so much from Nancy Medina. I knew nothing of transparent color and how their role plays in our art and so many other things!"
Alice T."I've been wanting to paint a certain way for years. Thanks to you, I’m on the brink of achieving that elusive goal, you are a delight!"
Rohini C."I've always wanted to paint hydrangeas but never had the courage (or neat tricks!) to handle them. Thank you for such a wonderful course. I'm blown away by your teaching and painting style, and above all your kindness!"
Connie L."I love learning new and wonderful ways to work with oils. You really took the fear out of painting from life."
Marianne R."For my acrylic friends, Nancy is a great introduction to oils. Her impressionistic style is a super way to break out of the realistic shell."
Diane A."I'm looking at flowers differently since your workshop—light/dark/shadows —my brain is thinking differently now. Thank you for sharing your gift."

With a supportive teacher, high-quality resources, and stress-free lesson environment

Jacqueline F."I had lost all interest in painting because I was not improving. Your videos inspired me to continue. Thank you so much!"
Sherri C."I want you to know how inspiring you are as an artist and teacher! I have learned so much, especially to be free and relaxed and holding the brush differently have made a world of difference!"
Kathy L."These courses are so well organized and Nancy is such a great teacher. I have learned much more from her in two classes than all the other in-person courses and studies i've taken over the last 8 years."
Karen W."Thank you so much! I am loving it. Your teaching style and the break up of lessons is lovely. Makes it very manageable."
Denise K."I've watched all my lessons and all the resource videos. I am now ready to watch them again as I paint. I found the videos very well executed and instructions easy to follow. Great videos and worth the price!"
Sylvia B."There is so much to learn! Through your online classes and your inspiration, my dream of becoming an artist has been realized."

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